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Are i-Buyers Legit?

Q. I live off San Pablo and I'm getting bombarded with mailers to buy my home for cash. Is this legit?

A.  I can't comment on any firm's legitimacy, however in the past year we have seen an influx of the institutional, or "i-buyer" model in the Jacksonville area.  You can't view your social media news feed or open your mailbox without seeing ads offering to buy your home for cash.  But before signing on the dotted line, you need to do your homework.  How do you know their offer price is fair? What are their fees?  Are you leaving money on the table? And most importantly, who is representing your interests?   Real estate is not a commodity.  It's expensive, emotional, risky, and quite frankly too important to screw up.  I would suggest meeting with your Realtor to discuss your options. Good luck.

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