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10 Ways Jax Homeowners Can Save Money in 2023

Has inflation got you down? Concerned about the rising cost of homeownership? Here are ten ways to save money in 2023:

1. Make sure your homestead exemption is in place. You can verify it by visiting then click on Property Search.

2. Homeowner equity is at record highs. If you're paying private mortgage insurance (PMI) as part of your monthly mortgage payment, you may be eligible to eliminate the PMI depending on your current loan to value percentage. Contact your lender to find out more.

3. If you recently installed a new roof, new windows, security system, storm shutters, etc, you may eligible for insurance premium discounts. Your insurance company may require you to have a wind mitigation inspection to get the roof and window discounts, but most wind mit inspections are less than $100. Contact your insurance rep for specific savings.

4. If your mortgage interest rate is over 7%, you should look at the possibility of refinancing to reduce your monthly payment once rates drop below 6%. Interest rates are expected to drop in 2023 so now may be a good time to start planning. 5. Did you know that Jacksonville senior citizens who have maintained permanent residency in their homes for 25 uninterrupted years or more may be eligible for additional savings on their property taxes? There are certain income and property qualifying guidelines that you must meet but it may be worth looking into. You can find out more at the Senior Citizen Exemptions page on 6. Paying too much in utility costs? JEA offers a free home energy assessment for it's customers. Just visit and click on Residential Customers, then Ways to Save. 7. Are you drowning in high water bills? JEA offers a free irrigation assessment for it's customers. Just visit and click on Residential Customers, then Ways to Save. 8. Did you sell a Florida homesteaded primary residence to buy your current home? If so, you may be eligible for additional property tax savings by taking advantage of your portability. Most folks forget to check their portability when they file for homestead exemption. You can verify your portability amount and homestead exemption at then click on Property Search. 9. Contact your cable, phone and internet companies to see if you qualify for any loyalty discounts. Many offer loyalty programs for tenured clients but you must ask to get it. 10. Change your HVAC filter. Happy New Year!

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