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The Dirty Little Secret in Real Estate

Q. I listed my home 3 weeks ago but do not see it advertised anywhere and have had no showings. What should I do?

A. I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm not surprised.  There's a dirty little secret in real estate when it comes to hot markets.  It's called the three P listing plan:  Put a sign in your yard, Put your home in the MLS, and Pray that it sells.  And in some hot markets this may be all that is needed to secure a buyer.  But if your home is on the market for 3 weeks and you have no advertising or showings, I would suggest discussing your concerns with your Realtor.  Ask him for a copy of his marketing plan and look at your listing agreement.  It's possible you may have signed up for limited service rather than a full service marketing plan. Either way a discussion with your Realtor is warranted. Good luck.

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