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10+ Ways to Save Big $$$ When Selling a Home

1. If you're selling and buying a Florida homesteaded property, don't forget to file for tax portability.

2. If selling a home with an FHA mortgage, make sure your mortgage account is closed by month-end to avoid paying the following month's interest. This would require physically closing a few days prior to month-end to allow your closing agent to wire your payoff.

3. Remember to cancel your termite bond once closed if your new buyer is not interested in assuming it.

4. If you have gas service, get your deposit back on the tank and have your gas company calculate the remaining gas in the tank for a credit to you at closing.

5. Follow up with your lender to ensure they send you your escrow account check to your new forwarding address. The escrow balance may not be included in your final payoff and it may take up to 30 days to send out the check.

6. Use an existing property survey if possible.

7. Get a reissue credit if you recently refinanced.

8. A few days prior to closing, notify all service providers such as JEA, lawn service , and pest control and any leased services to ensure cancellation at closing.

9. If buying a new Florida owner occupied property, don't forget to file for homestead exemption. The current exemptions on the property will not transfer to you. And check out the other exemptions you may qualify for such widow, disabled vet, etc.

10. Once closed, immediately notify your homeowner insurance company to cancel your insurance policy. This is one task that your closing agent can not do for you.

10.5 Bonus: There is a common scam occurring in Florida where scammers send a letter to the new buyer or seller offering to provide a copy of your property deed for a fee. Do not pay for a copy of your deed once closed, this is a scam. You can get a copy for free a few days after closing at your County's Clerk of Court website.

For more tips on saving money when selling, please contact Phyllis Staines, Broker at (904) 476 - 7653 or email

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